Monday, May 18, 2009

In another feeble attempt to feign responsibility and punctuality, I will give a brief update as well as a few semi-hollow promises of blog posts to come.

1) School is over! It's summer! And just when you thought all of the fun and challenge took place in the first year of grad school, I'm going to up the ante and get married! I love competing with myself.

2) Summer reading! Here's a quick list:

Markus Bockmuehl Revelation and Mystery in Ancient Judaism and Pauline Christianity This was his doctrinal dissertation that was published (now out of print, unfortunately). I really liked his recent book, Seeing the Word, so I figured I'd start from the beginning.

Edward "Mickey" Klink The Sheep of the Fold: The Audience and Origin of the Gospel of John Another doctrinal dissertation; Klink was one of my favorite Biola professors. So when I saw his dissertation on, I had to pick 'er up. I'm most excited about this here book.

Finally, some N.T. Wright to round out the bunch. I plowed through 20ish pages of this beast. It's okay that this book is 500+ pages because the man couldn't write a boring sentence if he tried (which is good for a book on historical methodology and other big words).

3) Coming soon: my first official blog book review. I will be reviewing James White's "The King James Only Controversy" (2nd ed.). Yay!


carissa anne said...

i accept your offer of marriage. gladly.

as your future wife, may i ask why you don't write blog post titles?

theekevy said...

If I can't think of a catchy and satisfying title within 5 minutes of writing the post, I won't write one. Dear fiancee, you above anyone should know how picky I can be.

Brandon said...

With a name like Skubalon you should really have a more scatological blog header or something.