Sunday, October 18, 2009

Blog penance: Part 1 of ?

These things don't write themselves anymore. Shame. I guess two months of catch up isn't as painful as it could be.

So, where to begin?


Yes sir/madam, it is all true; she liked it/put a ring on it/et al. The months leading up to it quickly trickled into weeks, then into days, and soon enough I'm standing in Biola's Calvary Chapel with one gorgeous woman. Not to mention about 360 eyes watching our every move. Everything and everyone was so overwhelmingly happy and wonderful. Some highlights were:

-seeing my awesome Biola friends
-the harpist, Elise Berg, who rocked the house
-everyone standing to see the bride enter, and the door opens and no one is there
-having my former youth pastor, Andrew Garland, perform the ceremony
-taking pictures in the Biola library and meeting random people there (John Dunne, for one)
-dancing with my bride and friends
-meeting Carissa's family
-going to In-n-Out after the reception

Time for work, so this party train will have to start again later (but hopefully sooner).


MT said...

This title cracked me up...hope all is well brother!

theekevy said...

All is well, thank you. What's up with Mr. R.A. Matty Matt?

MT said...

The usual mid-semester busyness! But life is good :)