Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Hot Readings, part 1

Here's a smattering of things that I've read recently that kicked my butt (in the most delightful way).

In the Journal of the Evangelical Theological Society, David Instone-Brewer wrote an article on the apostolic letter in Acts 15. He contends that of the four commands in 15:29, the third command (a reference to 'strangling') has to do with the killing of babies and infants, not with animals and dietary customs. He builds his case by culling evidence from intertestamental and rabbinic writings (his area of specialty). A very convincing article on what at first (to me) sounded like a bland topic.

This book has become the most important biblical studies book I have ever read. But I'm getting ahead of myself. This book deals with the questions of why and for whom the Gospel of John written. I'll devote a longer post to it soon, so that I can explain it better and to make my joy complete. All that to say: if you are a deeply-thinking Christian and have a background in biblical studies, read it.

More to come!


MT said...

This was quite the tantalizing recommendation! I look forward to reading more about why (you may have already written this post but I haven't gotten to it if you have - my apologies).

theekevy said...

Fear not, dear friend, you have not fallen behind. I've been putting off posting more about it, so you'll know when it finally comes into existence.