Wednesday, January 13, 2010

A reason to pray: School

I start back at school today! So much joy mingled with uncertainty! Here's what's on my plate for the next four months:

Greek Exegesis I with Grant Osborne
New Testament Theology with Grant Osborne
Advanced Greek Grammar with D.A. CArson
Criticism of the Gospels with Grant Osborne
Current Issues: Mark with Te-Li Lau

So I'm pretty set on changing to the MA in NT, unless my talks with Dr. Yarbrough and Dr. Pao change my mind.
I probably won't change my degree. Woopee!


Justin Dodson said...

How'd you manage to squeak in both Exegesis 1 and Adv. Gk. Grammar I thought Ex. 1 was a pre-req? Good luck though, looks like a sweet schedule! So did you switch to MA NT or not?

theekevy said...

Exegesis I is a pre-req, but the registration system had no problem with me doing it, so I went with it. I didn't end up switching to MA/NT, so it'll be 3.5 years from now before this MDiv is done.