Thursday, June 5, 2008

Fourteen More Units

Introduction to the Old Testament--4 units
Elementary Hebrew I (is it really 'elementary'?)--3 units
Formation Group--0 units
Apologetics--2 units
Introduction to Counseling Ministries--2 units
Foundations of Christian Missions--2 units
Personal Assessment and Ministry--1 unit

So this is what my first semester at Trinity looks like.

It is almost embarassing to try to express to people how excited I am about doing more school. Especially when I realize that my mountain of joy and excitement is soon to be rivaled by my chasm of monetary debt.

I have this annoying character trait that needs correction. I have a God-trust issue. What I mean by that is I don't feel comfortable speaking about things/events that I want to happen. Example: I still speak of going to grad school as a possibility. When asked about me going there and if I'm excited, I usually answer with a hesitant "well, I am really excited if I get to go." And I don't know if I'm okay with that. Is that just false humility? A lack of trust?

Update--I added another class, so now I have 14 units. Sick!


Carrie Marie said...

i hate when classes equal zero units.

theekevy said...

Totally! It is such a lie. "Hey, take this class that is worth nothing, but it takes up precious time in your week." I'm sure it'll be worth it, though.