Saturday, January 15, 2011

Good quote

JETS June 1, 1984, page 245, Daniel Schibler's review of Carl Armerding's The Old Testament and Criticism:   'May this book contribute to end the sad phenomenon of many evangelicals--viz., using scripture like a drunk would a lamppost: for support rather than for illumination.'

How does this quote hit you?


Anonymous said...

Right between the eyes. That's a great one, thanks for sharing.
Scripture is supposed to lead the way, not follow along filling in the gaps, proving our points - this quote's a good reminder of that.

theekevy said...

I hear you, my friend. It is a good reminder that the Bible does stand over us, and how we ought to be continually challenged by it. On a different note, this quote makes me feel the gap between 'scholarly' and 'lay' readers of Scripture. I think I'll do a follow-up post on that idea. Always great to read your comments!