Sunday, March 6, 2011

Abuse of Scrutiny

I am a critic, firm and critical.  But I am not the good kind.  I am a prideful critic.

When it comes to Bible-y things, I assume I know lots.  And not only lots of facts, but lots of answers.  So when other people try to speak about things within my realm of knowledge, I don't consider their ideas valid, but see them as guilty until proven innocent, intellectually intenable until conceptually possible.  It's a hostile defense mechanism established under my self-aggrandizing regime.  The thoughts are of others are immediately held suspect, tortured, interrogated and released with cold indifference, if realeased at all.  It seems as though grace has not penetrated my sphere of intellectual property, since I worked hard to acquire this monopoly on biblical and theological truth [roll eyes now].  While on occasion a refreshing spirit of humility and charity may descend from on high, too often I labor as a temple without The Presence, a person that loves self with heart-soul-mind, but doesn't reciprocate that love to others because I am not loving the LORD first.

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