Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Ministry Mental-Myopia

Question to self: Am I too limited mentally to do effective ministry?

Allow me to begin with a confession.

'My name is Kevin, and I am an ISTJ.'

This is me (some nuancing required).

I went to a meeting for the church elders, and to put it frankly: I didn't fit in.

I don't have the ability to think outside the box on big issues.  I can't consider all the issues that goes into making good decisions for the health and needs of the church that haven't already been laid out with an appended pros and cons chart.  Thinking about creative ways in reaching our local context--not a chance, 'cause I need about 15 hours to think about the different social and ethnic groups in our local context (which will take me about 3 hours to finally settle on an adequate definition of what that means!).  And I haven't even gotten to money matters!

I cannot conceptualize a grand vision and three action steps to get the ball rolling.  I didn't even know something had to be changed!  Everyone else's ideas were machine gunning out, while my ideas were flopping out like a broken rubber band.  My mind is too slow and I get hung up on irrelevant side issues.  In terms of ministry production, I'm dial-up in a 4G world.

So what can I do?  More specifically, what good can I do?  What can I do if i can't create, or reason through possible ministry ventures?

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